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Train for a Dental Assistant Education

Student learns to assist dentists with such tasks as dental radiography, operatory dentistry, laboratory procedures, dental anatomy and more.

If becoming a valuable member of a dental health care team is something you have ever dreamed, perhaps it is time to consider the dental assistant education offered at Everest. Dental assistants are educated to perform the necessary chairside assisting methods that keep a dental office running smoothly and efficiently. Dental assisting professionals are also relied upon to perform patient procedures and other related office tasks under the direction of a licensed dentist.

Dental Assistant Training

If the thought of diverse and challenging responsibilities sounds exciting, then dental assistant training might be the perfect gift to yourself to help take your career aspirations to a whole new level.

We have all had experiences where everything went smoothly, from the front the desk to the x-ray room to the dentist's chair. The room was prepared and the dental equipment was ready when the dentist arrived. This type of efficiency happens in part because of the skills, education and training competent dental assisting professionals bring to the job each and every day.

Dental assisting requires the ability to multitask along with the ability to think on one's feet. It is a combination of skills, which include the ability to communicate, an industry-focused education, and the training to anticipate the needs of both the dentist and the patient during dental procedures.

Dental Assistant Instructors

One of the great things about getting a health care education at Everest is the privilege of working with instructors who can impart knowledge gained through working in the industries they teach.

Being a member of a small work team is also a tremendous benefit to students. It gives them the ability to work with instructors on a one-to-one basis if, and when, needed. The small work team environment is also beneficial for students working on challenging projects. A strong bond can be created when students of like mind and passion pull together to implement and successfully complete a project.

Financial Aid and Career Services

Everest works with students to find the financial assistance that can help them pay for college. Everest is also dedicated to making sure students get the support needed to successfully compete for entry-level positions in their field of interest after graduation.

And the Career Services team at Everest has a primary goal of making sure each student's résumé reflects his or her experience and dedication to learning. Career placement representatives can also assist with everything from developing strong interviewing skills to knowing how to dress appropriately for the job.

Today could be the perfect time to get the dental assistant education that could help take your career possibilities to a whole new level. Contact Everest today to learn more about the programs offered and to find the school location nearest you.

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