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Would you like to become an integral member of a dental health care team?

Dental assistants are educated to perform chairside assisting procedures, and related office and laboratory tasks under the direction and supervision of a licensed dentist.

The variety of tasks you learn may allow you to be challenged by diverse responsibilities in the delivery of dental care.

As part of the Dental Assistant Diploma program,* you will gain knowledge of the basic dental sciences, proficiency in laboratory and clinical skills, and practical experience involving specialized dental practices.

Dental Assistant Training Classes

Dental Assistant hands-on training includes a study of:

* Dental Office Emergencies
* Dental Radiography
* Dental Specialties
* Operatory Dentistry
* Laboratory Procedures
* Dental Anatomy and Orthodontics
* Dental Assistant Externship

You can obtain hands-on experience in a laboratory setting using equipment such as amalgamators, dental chairs, model trimmers, oral evacuation equipment, oxygen tanks, personal computers, ultrasonic units, digital x-ray equipment and Dentrix (front office software).

Duties of a dental assistant may include chairside assisting, including basic dental procedures; preparing, passing and receiving instruments and materials for use by the dentist; cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments; providing education to patients about good dental health; and performing preventive procedures, x-rays and taking impressions.

Dental Assistant Career Opportunities

You will be trained in valuable clinical, radiographic and administrative procedures, leading to career opportunities with dental offices, dental supply manufacturers, hospital dental departments, and dental insurance companies. Additional entry-level positions include dental assistants, front office receptionists, dental insurance clerks, dental supply salespeople and administrative assistants.

* Programs may vary by campus. Please refer to the school catalog available at the campus in your area for specific program information.

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